Moving Your Business Idea To Reality


 Posted by – March 23, 2016 at 12:00 am

Moving Your Business Idea to Reality – What’s Stopping You?

Do you have an amazing idea for your business? So why is it still an idea and not a part of your business plan? There are plenty of reasons not to act on an inspiration. In some cases your hesitation prevents you from making a costly mistake and in others it just stands in the way of your success. Examine why you’re not moving forward with your idea and consciously decide whether it’s the right move for your business.

Time. Almost by definition, entrepreneurs have very little free time. However, you need to view your time as a resource. Are all of the activities that you’re spending your time on creating value for your business? Would it make more sense to reallocate some of your time to this new project?

Don’t let an inspiration wither away in your indecision; either move forward with it or dismiss it.

Money. Almost every entrepreneur is painfully aware that you have to spend money to make money and that it is difficult to be successful without taking on some degree of risk. However, making the wrong investment or taking the wrong risk can cost you everything. There are no easy answers here. You need to make the best decision that you can with the information that you have and hope for the best.

Indecision. There are reasons to move forward and there are reasons to stay still. When you don’t know which way to go, the easiest thing to do is nothing. Remember that doing nothing is a decision in itself and sometimes it is the riskiest move of all. Look closely at your idea and analyze the positives and negatives, as well as the risks and opportunities. You may still decide not to proceed but at least you are making a conscious decision about the direction that your business will take.

Fear. You don’t have to be in business for long to know that there is a lot to fear. Your friends with nine to five jobs look at you and imagine that you have nerves of steel, but the truth is that after suffering through a few failures, it’s scary to put yourself in that position again. It’s okay if you decide that this isn’t the right time to take a chance. However, if you feel like you’ve lost your nerve, then you need to take some time to reflect and decide how you’re going to move forward with your business.

The world doesn’t need more dreamers; it needs leaders with the knowledge to make good choices and the courage to carry them through. Don’t let an inspiration wither away in your indecision; either move forward with it or dismiss it. If it is a good idea and you don’t act on it, it won’t be long before someone else does.

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** Watch This Video** Life Lesson from Top Navy Seal. If you want to change the world start by making your bed.


In life there are many challenges.  As we go forward working on building a business or attempting to make some life style changes accomplishing the little things will always lead to bigger things.  No one person can do it alone.  You need to gather people around you to help you ‘Row’ and you need to focus on accomplishing the little things.   Admiral McRaven – The Top Navy Seal gives an amazing speech.  If you want to change the world – start by making your bed.

Click here to listen to his speech.  If you want to change the world – start by making your bed

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Kimberly Pringle

The Garlic Lady

Kimberly – The Garlic Lady. Many of you who know me know this story. But for those of you who do not – I want to share my story with you.

I am a Farm girl at heart with a love for horses and the outdoors. My dad always had a love for animals and things that grew. A few years ago he started to grow garlic and I helped him. It became ‘our thing’. I’m sad to say that 3 years ago I lost my dad to Cancer. I still grow the garlic every year as a way of staying close to him. I grow the garlic at our family farm in Arden. It is some of the best garlic anywhere because it is grown on ‘fresh air and sunshine’. Many other people who now grow “Bill’s Garlic” will tell you it is the best! I am always happy to share pictures and stories about ‘Papa Bill’ , our farm and my Tennessee Walking Horses with you all. I know that garlic is not the same as growing flowers – but to me it is beautifull, tough, and strong. Just like my dad. Just like me smile emoticon Here is a picture of me bringing in the garlic last year.

I want to thank all the people who purchased Garlic from me again this year. Once again I am sold out – and I thank you.

Take a minute over the next few days to be Greatfull for all we have in our lives. Think about the people who are no longer with us. Enjoy the Garlic!

PS – when I’m not growing garlic or playing outside I’m a Financial Advisor at the Co Operators Insurance here in Ottawa.