Fire Alarm at 6 AM

At 6 am this morning the fire alarm in my building went off.  Me and my cat ‘Steve’ are on the 11th floor of a 15 story high rise.  steveWe were up late last night watching the Edmonton Oilers loose another hockey game and the Houston Astros win the World Series.  6 am is usually the time I get up for work – but getting up to a Fire Alarm is not a Zen way to start the day.

As I jumped out of bed my mother’s voice came into my head – Kim make sure you are waring good Pajama’s when you go to bed because there could be a fire and you will have fire fighters at  your door.   (Note to self – buy better pajamas)

I grabbed my purse, my phone and Steve.  As I was putting Steve into his cat carrier I remembered that I had planned to buy a new cat carrier because the last road trip we did to “Grandma’s House in Kingston” Steve barley fit into his cat carrier.  So at 6 AM he was not going willingly.

So there I was standing outside my building in the rain this am with nothing but, my purse, my phone & Steve surrounded by 100’s of other people from the building.  I was standing safely in the rain with the fire trucks, fire alarms going off, lights flashing and I was not worried.

In fact I was quite calm because I knew that no matter what happened with the fire – I was going to have a safe place to sleep that tonight, I would have extra money for additional living expenses & food, I would have money to replace all my furniture and I was protected for liability if the fire started in my unite.

I have ALL THAT PEACE OF MIND FOR $31/MONTH because I had insurance.

For people who have condo’s as their principle residence or for people who rent apartments the cost of insurance is apx $22-$40/month.


I’m sharing my story with you this morning in the hopes that it may help you or someone you love.  Please talk to a Licenced Insurance Advisor today about Tenants Insurance or Condo insurance.

If your fire alarm went off at 6 AM tomorrow – would you be OK?

Kimberly Pringle – Associate Financial Advisor  613-258-2020